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Terramar Sports & The Growth Blueprint

Using the Growth Blueprintto cut above the noise during the holiday season. 


Terramar Sports is a premier outdoors brand that offers high-quality base layers. 


Terramar Sports had a goal of driving traffic, engagement and sales through the holiday season, so offering customers short-window flash sales.


Because the holiday season (Black Friday- Christmas) is an expensive time to advertise, especially to winter enthusiasts, we were up against a problem: Spend too little and not penetrate the market, or spend too much and not see the results we wanted because of the competition. 


Instead of going with a shotgun approach, Fall Line helped Terramar reach the customers that were most likely to purchase by creating buyer personas and specific messaging tailored to the specific winter sports enthusiasts. 





We were able to apply the Growth Blueprint we created for eCommerce brands to increase sales through the flash sale period by targeting customers most likely to purchase the product (through previous lead generation contests and website pixel data), saving Terramar Sports valuable marketing dollars while exceeding their online sales goals.


We developed a strategy using social proof from Brand Ambassadors and fans to drive engagement. We were able to identify the best product for different winter sports while targeting those enthusiasts with the product most suitable for them.



  • A 10x increase in online sales YOY. 

  • 108 purchases directly attributed to the campaign.

  • ROAS (Return on AdSpend) 4:1.